Management Consulting

CTA offers management consulting services to its clients in order to help improving the effectiveness and performance of their business, developing strategies and skills, solving problems and analyzing the entire process.

Business Planning

CTA offers an integrated business planning services that help clients achieving their goals. Our approach is focused on financial, marketing and operational analysis. We provide in-depth historical performance analysis, as well as identifying the future business development opportunities.

Financial Due Diligence

Financial due diligence services are becoming essential for almost every investment, such as merging and acquisitions or any other transaction that includes risk that should be analyzed and addressed, before entering into an agreement.
CTA offers financial due diligence services to potential investors, helping them getting better understanding of financial position, liabilities, cash flow, and evaluating risk accurately by gathering correct information needed to analyze the entity.

Business Restructuring

Restructure the business in order to make it more profitable and better organized when your business is facing financial pressures, is the most important step that you can take.
CTA team provides comprehensive financial, operational and legal restructuring services, matching the business’ present needs. Our expertise of business restructurings across various industries, allows us to discover the key issues quickly and to help our clients implement sustainable business restructuring solutions.

Strategic Business Advisory

Businesses today are challenged with decision making processes that will balance regular operations with strategic priorities, within an environment that changes constantly.
CTA’s strategic business advice includes, but not limited to: profit growth, product planning, minimizing risk, long-term stability, market analysis and diversification, business recovery strategies, business opportunity assessment.

Policy Analysis and Development

CTA team provides services in conducting in-depth policy analysis in order to address problems that the business faces. Policy analyses that we perform are based on cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness basis, and includes the following: finance and accounting policies, human resources policies, operational policies, marketing and sales policies, inventory policies, fiscal and other applicable legislation policies. We choose only the most efficient, effective and achievable policy options that can address the best business underlying issues.

Feasibility Study

Prior to start any specific project or investment, every company should perform a feasibility study in order to understand if that investment is feasible. This will help to determine the success and minimize the risk. To provide an objective feasibility study service, CTA team will focus on extensive research of various feasibility aspects including operational, market, financial and economic areas.

  • Operational: identifying all operational aspects needed to establish successful project.
  • Market: industry overview, competition, potential customers, current and future market.
  • Financial: calculating start-up costs, financing requirements, projected cash flow, profitability etc.
  • Economic: by using Cost-Benefit Analysis, we will identify and quantify the expected project benefits and compare with various economic scenarios.

Each feasibility study service we provide, includes risk assessment, findings and recommendations.

Finance Committee Services

The role of Finance Committee is to oversee all parts of the company’s financial performance and report to the Board of Directors. This includes financial planning, budgeting and financial reporting. The purpose of it is to make sure that the business is running in a financially bearable manner by balancing the short-term and long-term obligations and goals. CTA team provides professional services for finance committee members of profitable and non-profitable entities.

CRM Implementation

Customer Relationship Management is a vital tool for a business, in order to manage current and potential customer relationships. CTA will help by conducting a customer portfolio analysis, customer intimacy, network development, value proposition development and customer life cycle management. This will involve an analysis of the business’s customer database in order to depict which customers are the most profitable.

ERP Implementation

CTA provides services on implementation of ERP software which will optimize the business’ processes. It eliminates excessive data and operations which are not needed, as well as the reduction of costs and time for an overall improved efficiency.

Business Valuation Services

Business valuation is a set of procedures used to determine the economic value of a business. Nowadays, almost every businesses have to be valued at some point, for different reasons. An accurate business valuation, largely depends on the reliability of the company’s historic financial information.
The main reasons for business valuation are as follows: merger and acquisition, investing in a company, joint venture, benchmark, raising capital etc.
CTA will use different business valuation methods to analyze and determine the economic value of a business or company, based on its fair market value.

Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing is related to companies located in different countries that invoice each other for goods or services. Hence, this mainly applies to cross-border transactions between subsidiaries and other group companies.
CTA will analyze all related transactions between group companies and help developing transfer pricing policies, in order to avoid any tax penalties.