Tax consulting

Tax consulting services are becoming highly demanded and competitive in the market due to their complexity.

Tax Planning

Tax planning has become challenging and complex for companies, therefore our team of experts will help addressing all the matters regarding efficient tax planning.

Tax Compliance

Tax compliance obligations are very complicated, therefore it is particularly important for any business to meet all legal requirements. Without proper knowledge and experience it can be risky to file and process taxes, hence CTA team of tax experts will assist on this process by saving your precious time. Our team will represent your company during any tax authority inspections, in order to minimize the risk of any potential penalty.

Tax Advice

CTA team will assist with advice on the followings tax issues: income tax, VAT- sales tax, tax on wages, pension contributions, tax on rent, tax on dividend etc. We can also advice you how to optimize your structure of activities, in order to gain higher profit from the tax options.

Tax Audit

CTA provides services regarding tax examination to ensure that the data are correctly calculated, paid and recorded in accounting.